Home Painting Plano TX Painting Contractor offers Unique Finishes

Home Painting in Plano by Plasters of Italy Painting Contractor

Vallie Duncan has been painting homes in Plano, TX since 1999.

Here is a before and after of a recent project. Remodel kitchen in Plano, Granite, wall texture and faux finish.

Hand trowel texture, painting and a faux color-wash was designed for the kitchen. The next phase was painting the interior foyer. I repaired cracks in the drywall corner bead around niches and matched the wall texture. Removed caulk and repaired all of the nail-pops and imperfections. Two coats of Sherwin Williams paint and painted the trim.photo1 300x225 painting plano tx  photo 32 1024x768 painting plano tx


photo 1 768x1024 painting plano tx

Vallie Duncan provides a craftsmanship style of painting and finishing working with all types of paint and effects. Independently owned and insured. Interior Painting and much more for Plano homeowners.

Painting in Plano for over 10 years with 30 years of experience in applying all types of paint mediums. Walls, Trim, Cabinets, Mantels, Stain, and all surface finishes.

Plasters of Italy

Residential Painting Contractor Serving the Dallas area.

Vallie Duncan


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Residential Painting Garland, TX

 This home located in Garland, Texas had a heavy swirl texture that was chipping away. My client wanted to convert this texture to a smoother wall. Primer and 2 coats of paint were applied for the final finished look

Plasters of Italy

texturebefore1 225x300 painting garlandtextureafter1 225x300 painting garland

Skip trowel, hand trowel, and other hand applied textures are offered as incentives by home builders. Various styles of textures are dependent on the applicator. This particular texture was chipping off the wall.

texturechipping 150x150 painting garland

This painting project located in Garland, TX was in need for a new texture. The goal was to maintain a dust free working environment and float the walls smooth by filling in the lower recessed areas of this thick uneven texture. My approach was to use a shop vacuum and a 4 inch blade scrapping and letting the vacuum catch the debris. Skimming  the entire surface Then applying a second coat of compound, and a designed texture. The amount of movement in the texture can be varied. The  stone like wall surface is sustainable and forgiving if it needs touched up.  700 square feet of kitchen, living room, and hallway walls.

The dark gold paint will be changed to Benjamin Moore color Putnam Ivory.

PVA drywall primer by Glidden and two coats of Benjamin Moore Interior Flat Acrylic Latex. All transitions were caulked to trim prior to painting. The new texture is perfect for enhancing with a tone on tone Colorwash for a stone like Tuscany finish. A very nice transition from a whimsical heavy fan texture to an elegant smooth stone pitted organic wall.

Project location: Garland, Tx Firewheel

Garland and Richardson  Painting Services.

Full Service Home Interior Painting and Decorative Finishing.

Plasters of Italy


handtroweltexture 225x300 painting garland

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New clients

New Clients

Home Improvements

Considering everyones busy schedules after the holidays, I have had a lot of new clients contact us for our services. A recent project in Plano was completed glazing crown moulding ana faux finish.  In Mckinney I finished a 2500 sq. ft. re-paint for a home that will be going on the market. Venetian plaster in a bathroom in Melissa, TX.

When meeting with a new client, I am always excited to learn of the project and their goals. It is my goal to work within your budget and offer the best solutions and the highest quality of work available in the industry.


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Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Venetian Plaster design for Master Bathroom is over the top with elegant custom cabinetry and a very unique custom wall treatment.

Walls are a 4 color soft satin lusterstone plaster. Modellos were embedded with a black background, gold leaf and acid washed. Antique wax added a distressed aged coloration to the plaster.

The Bathroom cabinets were embellished with hand made ornaments specifically selected and sized for the cabinets. Finish was done with a selective metal glow base color and a two color antiquing process.

Ceiling was finished in a silver-gold Metallo Venetian Plaster.

Columns were also treated with a decorative finish.

beforecabinet Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Cabinet prior to the custom finish out.

cabinetbefore Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas
bathroomcomplete Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Bathroom Makeover

masterbathroom 1024x682 Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Master Bathroom
bathroomcabinets 1024x635 Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Custom Cabinets

wetbathcomplete Venetian Plaster Bathroom Dallas Texas

Venetian Plaster Dallas Bathroom

Equipment, tools and products used to completed this bathroom were numerous including, an HVLP sprayer, hand trowels, brushes, spatulas, acid washing tools, scaffolding, ladders, misting sprayers, cheese cloth, buffing towels, burnishing tools, steamer, quick set, various primers, venetian plaster, tints, glazes, gold leaf, modellos, paint, sizings and other items. Materials for this project were shipped in from California, New York, Kansas, Florida, and Italy. Modellos were ordered from modellodesigns.

The project was designed by Gracie Reed, a talented decorative artist from Dallas, TX. Vallie Duncan with Plasters of Italy located in Dallas, TX assisted with the project which also included the adjacent 500 square foot Master Bedroom Suite.

The project was located 150 miles south of Dallas, TX in a private residential occupied home.

Plasters of Italy

Grace Designs Dallas

Here are more pictures of the finishes highlighting the Bomar and the Modellos.

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Venetian Plaster Dallas Applicator

Venetian Plaster Dallas

Authentic Italian Plaster


Plasters of Italy has been applying Venetian plaster in the Dallas area for over 10 years. You can view his work at or flickr where you will find inspiring photos of Venetian plaster in homes across the Dallas metroplex.

We have taught Venetian Plaster in private settings and continue to provide guidance and advice on making the best decisions for your home decorative needs.

If you are interested in having a decorative finish in your home contact:

Vallie Duncan


Vallie Duncan,

Plasters of Italy

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Dallas Venetian Plaster

Plasters of Italy Celebrates 10 Years of Service in Dallas



For over a decade Plasters of Italy has been busy applying Venetian plaster in the Dallas area.

Our clients have many different requests and usually know what they want. What differentiates us from other companies is educating and informing our clients. Our product knowledge and applications are specific in every detail. Most importantly is the type of venetian plaster used and the surface it is being applied to requires a lot more knowledge.

There are hundreds of different primers and many different plasters of the market. The best advice we can give is first to understand the purpose of the finish in regards to design, sustainability, and function.

After becoming more familiar with the project and the goals set by are client we then select a product from our line of vendors that will best fit the desired look. It is limitless in designing a Venetian plaster, creating organic stone walls, or using  metallic plasters for any style of decoration.

For more information on achieving the best Venetian plaster finish  you can contact Vallie Duncan

Plasters of Italy

Dallas TX



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Mckinney Historical Building

Mckinney Historical Building

prisonexterior Mckinney Historical Building

Using a high performance Venetian Plaster coating designed for adding durability and strength to the cementitious properties. An decorative plaster coating imported from Italy. Construction Project, interior resurfacing and renovation.

Scope of Work: Restoring the integrity of the interior plaster. Removing multiple layers of paint coatings. Preserving the historical walls, stabilizing the surface.

Product: Aquarello (Italian Decorative Coating) – Primer: Designed to strengthen the stucco, a breathable penetrating primer specifically formulated for concrete, stucco, and cement based aggregates. Finisher: A thin transparent latex decorative coating.

Non Historical Walls: Decorative plasters

Architect: Designed by F.E. Ruffini

Style: Victorian Italianate

Location: Mckinney, Texas  Collin County, located a half block from the main square.

Prison History: The last legal execution took place in this building in 1922. E. Steep convicted of killing a man, sinking his corpse in a well. With no permanent gallows a makeshift plank was used at the top level window.

Prisoners Included: Frank James (Jesse James Brother) Ray Hamilton member of the Barrow Gang, and Charles “Tex” Watson.

Other Restoration: Painting and Preparation of all the wood surfaces. Lathe Scratch coat wall.

Part of the inmates jobs were to paint the walls, using whatever could be found in town. Here this picture shows traces of aluminum paints and sealers, preventing the breathable of the surfaces. Prior to our renovation you could taste the metal and paints that were trapping the surfaces from natural ventilation.

The inmates would carve there initials in the walls.

prison1stfloorbefore Mckinney Historical Building

After removing the chemical paints we renewed the surfaces with a thin protective layer of Aquarello primer and finisher.

diningrmwall1 Mckinney Historical Building

This building was a restaurant about ten years ago. We remodeled for the new owners in preparation for a book store and coffee bar. Ironically, today this historical prison is a Law firm.

exterior Mckinney Historical Building

Plasters of Italy is located in Mckinney, Texas and provides custom painting, fuax finishes and Venetian Plaster to the Dallas area.

Old Photos

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Venetian Plaster Dallas Website


Venetian Plaster Company Dallas

Mobile Website Venetian Plaster Dallas

Decorative Painting Company

Our new mobile website version for your smart phones and tablets is up and running. Plasters of Italy based in Mckinney, TX since 1999 continues to provide interior painting and painting finishes for homes in the Mckinney and surrounding areas.

Our mobile website offers speedy navigation with one touch responses for all aspects in design and services. Features include; before and afters, sharing features, project highlights, galleries  and much more.  Visit:


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Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

The St. Regis Hotel Houston – Astor Ballroom Renovation and Redesign

Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga and Bill Cosby are just a few of the celebrities  who frequent the exclusive St. Regis Hotel in Houston. Located in the Galleria-River Oaks district, this five star hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Texas. A highly anticipated 6.5 million dollar renovation was completed April 30th.

stregis2 1024x740 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

Venetian Plaster Artists – Chuck Bick with (The Interior Touch) and Vallie Duncan (Plasters of Italy) were commissioned by the Dallas based architectural and design firm of Forest & Perkins. The submittal mock-up sample was approved in Dallas and sent off to Houston. Subsequently the sample ended up in New York as competitors struggled unsuccessfully to duplicate the finish.

dome 300x161 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

During the application of the dome, a structural issue was observed and quickly resolved by the Venetian plaster team. The entire scope of work was completed seven days ahead of schedule, allowing for other finishing crews to move into   place earlier than planned.

houstondome 300x200 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

Natural Mineral Organic Tints – Restoration quality tints imported from Verona, Italy were used to tint the Italian Plaster. The unique tinting pastes were chosen by the Italian government to restore the famous Brunelleschi Dome and other historical buildings in Italy.

IMG 21321 300x200 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodelhoustonlight 300x200 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

Ballroom Ceilings – Over 1500 square feet of Venetian plaster was applied to the ballroom ceilings. The challenge was translating the small mock-up sample onto a large ceiling. You have to visualize what will transpire from the first coat. Unlike glazing or applying a positive technique, here you are building the layers to accomplish the final look. This was followed with two additional layers of plaster along with a burnish and buff all done by hand. The final touch was the embedded gold mica powders that were hand rubbed into the finish, creating a lustrous antiqued marble ceiling.

“This process was unlike any other Venetian plaster finish in its application,” says Bick. “We have done many projects with embedded micas which are usually a more forgiving application, but this one required the two of us to mirror our hands.” This is nothing new to Duncan and Bick, as everyone has a different hand, few are capable of altering their print to mimic another. The plaster takes on several different looks depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

ballroom 300x229 Dallas Venetian Plaster Houston Hotel Remodel

Chuck Bick and Vallie Duncan are based in the Dallas area and have collaborated for over six years designing and applying decorative surfacing mediums throughout the country. Technically diverse and artistically driven, they continue to exceed the demands in the decorative arts community. “With ninety percent of our clientele being in the residential sector, we bring a to our commercial projects a personal experience in our interpretations both artistically and technically,” says Duncan. “Historically, this medium has much more to offer, as Designers and Architects can sometimes be demanding and ask for the impossible. Our job is to create the visions and we do that with every project.”

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dallas painting

Interior Painting Dallas

Custom painting is the core of our services for all of our decorative finishes. Surface preparation for cabinet refinishing and furniture, linseed oil stains custom tinted and hand rubbed. New technology paint coatings and lacquers applied with HVLP systems. High quality craftsmanship painting and plastering.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for high quality restoration and remodels. Color consulting and onsite custom tinting is provided for all types of substrates and coatings.

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