Highest Quality Venetian Plaster

We use the finest Venetian Plasters available with the highest quality of marble. Interior walls in Dallas have a piece of Italian history.

Carrara Marble

MarbleUSGOV 150x150 Highest Quality Venetian PlasterIn the province of Tuscany, Italy a unique marble is quarried, called Carrara. Meaning “marble-like” in English. This marble is colorless or with very light color, very pure in calcium carbonate CaCo3. Calcium Carbonate is used in many different products. It is a metamorphosed limestone, through pressure and heat over millions of years it recrystallizes into marble. What might look like snow in the Apuan Alps is actually marble dust.

Michaelangelo’s sculpture of “David” is made of Carrara marble. He personally selected much of his marble from the town of Colonatta Fantiscritti. Carrara is a highly desirable marble in the U.S. as well.

Carrara marble is one of the primary ingredients in the lime and Resin Venetian plasters we use. We complete several projects every year using these authentic Italian plasters, leaving you with a piece of Italian history.

The picture below represents a lightly tinted Venetian plaster. The luminous reflections of light produce a marble reflection from the side view. However, there is no shine present on the front wall. The value of the light source is very important when we design walls.

Plasters of Italy Dallas is a premier source for high quality Venetian plaster installations.

IMG 2395 637x1024 Highest Quality Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster company located in Dallas Texas

Services include: Southlake, Denton, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony, Irving, Desoto, Duncanville, Allen, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Plano, Mckinney, Fairview, Melissa, Anna, Grapevine, and other metroplex cities.

Products Used: Marmarino, Calcenova, Veneziano, Metallo Veneziano, Aquarello and many more. We only use imported Venetian Plasters made in Italy.

Interior Decoration for walls and ceilings. We work with Interior Designers Dallas and in other cities.

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Decorative Finishes Dallas

Decorative Finishes in Dallas TX

Faux Finishes

This particular example looks like a faux finish. I could of used a paint and glaze to get a very similar look.

However, this actually one of Venetian Plaster products. This exact finish is used today in Italy and can be seen on the outside of buildings, churches, and offices.

It is even Graffiti resistant. Imagine a product that can be washed without destroying the finish, lasting for generations. Sustainable products that protect the surface from delaminating. Decorative finishes can provide a lasting impression for your home. We use this product in many different areas. Kitchens and bathrooms are very popular for creating an old world look where durability is a factor.

We have many decorative finishes that provide both aesthetic and durability qualities.

Faux finishes so durable they can even be used outside.

fireplace wall Decorative Finishes Dallas

fireplace finish Decorative Finishes Dallas

fireplace Decorative Finishes Dallas

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Painting Faux Texas

Faux Finishes

Faux painting and Faux finishing describe decorative painting techniques. Meaning false the word faux is pronounced “foe”. It began with painters replicating stone, marble and wood using tinted paints.

Faux finishing in the decorative arts started with Plaster and Stucco over 5000 years ago.

Here in Texas, hand trowel textures are a popular finish, glazed or painted to achieve a particular effect.

Color washing is an effective technique for an Old World look, resembling a lime wash using flat low luster paint. Glazes provide a more transparent effect, mixed with different mediums we manipulate layers to get the desired look. With over 10 years of Venetian plastering experience we have incorporated metallics, and other plaster mediums providing a wide variety of effects.

Example of a Faux finish wall, the column is done with Aquarello an Italian stone plaster.

columnvine1 Painting Faux Texas

The photo below is a simple yet effective texture color wash done in a foyer located in north Dallas.

stevensafterdoor Painting Faux Texas

click to enlarge

The color-wash over a subtle organic texture, blending earth tone colors to creating. This finish has been a popular choice for a lot of our customers. I use the color wash faux example, as it is one of the most requested.

Visit our gallery to view our faux mantels, furniture, and cabinets. I recently completed a variation of this finish in Mckinney, Texas in December 2010. We began applying Faux finishes in 1999 in the Dallas area.

Our Faux finishes are all individually designed and are created on site. Crackling, glazes, marbleizing, distressing, graining, strie, trompe l’ oeil, antiquing are some of the mediums we use.

Vallie Duncan

Dallas, TX

Faux Finish | Decorative Painting | Dallas

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How To Tint Venetian Plaster

Custom tints for Venetian plaster measured to 1/100th of a gram. Venetian plaster manufactures use different types of colorants. It is helpful if you have some color theory and basic knowledge of weights and measurements.

Over the years, I have had several calls from homeowners who need help with touching up  Venetain plaster. The type of plaster must be known, and the tints and formula used to color the plaster. Typically, the store bought plasters are not Venetian plaster, the tints are heavy bodied colorants designed for paints.

Our product line is specific in application, including the semi-transparent mineral organic tints. These tints have a transparent effect that is unmatched in aesthetics and performance.

They are historic in design, in fact, the tints we use were selected for repairing the fresco’s for the Brunelleshi Dome located in Florence, Italy. The largest dome in the world constructed entirely of bricks, built in the 12 century.

Duomo 150x150 How To Tint Venetian Plaster

Preparing for a Venetian plaster color sample below, referencing a formulation to make a particular color. For this sample an 1/8 of a liter of plaster is measured into a container. The tints are infused into the plaster based on the amount required for each color.

tints 1024x682 How To Tint Venetian Plaster

Colors can be selected from our Artenova fan decks or popular paint store decks. Below is a reference chart from Safra Colors in Italy showing a formula for a particular color. This formula calls for white, black, brown, and green for a 1 liter batch. Each color is carefully weighed out to the exact amount indicated. The white color #0 for instance calls for 43 grams. Each color is infused into the plaster.

 How To Tint Venetian Plaster

A sample board is made to represent the color. We tweak the color by adding or subtracting the amount of tints. Once the desired color is established we multiply the sample batch formula to the amount needed for the project To provide an accurate master batch we make small batches then combine them. .

Plasters of Italy is a Venetian plaster company located in Mckinney, Texas serving the Dallas and Ft Worth area. He has over eight years of experience applying Venetian plaster to homes and businesses.

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Venetian Plaster Lime or Resin

morenositting 200x300 Venetian Plaster Lime or Resin

Architects and Interior designers  - In their obvious quest for novelty and originality have a tendency to ask impossible things, also to lime plaster. Lime plaster – Calcenova is the original lime-based Venetian plaster, not easily touched-up, can not be tinted to dark colors, and is not washable. Concerning the decoration effect, the depth of natural lime is unmatched, especially when conjugated with natural earth pigments. which are semi clear. .

About twenty years ago are manufacture in Italy came up with a revolutionary formulation, “Stucco Veneziano”. This product has become the standard in tough environments and which is still unparalleled today. The name “Stucco Veneziano was choosen to stress the similarities of the original lime plaster.

Within the range of Safra’s products, the original formulation is called Calcenova whereas “Stucco Veneziano” is a modern, high performance, synthetic interpretation of the original formulation. We have used this product exclusively for over seven years.  Italianate interiors can be very flexible in color and textures. We customize the finish to achieve the desired look for any decor.

In terms of product we offer a wide range of limes, modified and unmodified, and synthetic resin plasters. Some of our lime plasters contain a small amount of resin giving us even more flexibility to the industry professionals asking the impossible. Additionally, we have access to over 25 different plasters, advanced formulations based on traditional methods of applications.

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Dallas Company Venetian Plaster Wall

This Venetian plaster wall was created for a Law Firm in the Galleria Tower in Dallas. We use a specific authentic Italian lime plaster called Travertino. It is a medium aggregate made of lime and carrara marble. The layout was a block formation style and a sgraffito a technique meaning “to scratch” was used to make the grout lines. Lime stone walls are very cool to the touch and provide a healthy environment to homes and offices.

IMG 25621 682x1024 Dallas Company Venetian Plaster Wall

How to Apply Venetian Plaster Using Lime (Creating Stone Blocks)

(1) Trowel application of the base plaster – Prontomuro is a lime aggregate with about 4% resin and selective sands. (2) The Travertino plaster was mixed using four different colors.  (3) We applied the lighter color of Travertino to the entire wall and let dry. (4) Using a tape measure and a level we laid out the pattern, lightly marking with a pencil. (5) Taping off the adjacent blocks, we applied the plaster using the multiple colors randomly, using a chip brush. Utilizing our trowels we then pulled the plaster in different directions embedding them into the surface. The natural pitted effects and multiple colorations of blends render each block as a separate stone. We burnished with the trowel bringing the marble flour to the surface. (6) Moving to adjacent stones and repeating the process above. (7) One we had completed a section before it hardened back to stone, we scoured in the grout lines using a dental tool and a ruler.

Lime Plaster a popular building source, dates as far backs as the 11th century. The lime used in our plasters is mined from the Italian alps, the highest quality found. The arial lime we use is a hydraulic lime which hardens back to stone through a carbonation process. Calcium carbonate (lime) absorbs water then releases, it is breathable, and regulates the humidity. There are many advantages of using lime plaster, we offer many plasters that have unique qualities more conducive to the modern day construction. The plasters we us are either lime, resin, or a modified lime.

The Travertine Wall is located behind the receptionist desk in the lobby entrance. In addition to this location a larger wall was done in the conference room.

travertinowall Dallas Company Venetian Plaster Wall
Dallas Venetian Plaster applies Venetian Plaster to Commercial Offices and Residential Homes.
Home office located in Mckinney, Texas 75070 |  Office: 972-670-9850
Plaster of Italy
Mckinney, Plano, Frisco
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Elegant Venetian Plaster Frisco Texas

foyerfinish 2 Elegant Venetian Plaster Frisco Texas

Elegant Venetian Plaster in Frisco

This home is located in Chapel Creek subdivision in Frisco Texas. Custom tinted plaster walls in a golden brown color created a rich transparent effect.

We infuse our tints into the plaster to produce the desired color. Water resistant walls without waxes or sealers provide depth and quality beyond the industry standards.

The Venetian plasters we use are transparent, visually seen in the depth beyond the surface. We always use the Art Nova Tints from Italy which are a restoration quality, rich and semi-transparent. Our installations are personally managed, in addition, I do all of the labor from start to finish. The large areas required one other applicator. The job was completed on schedule before the Christmas holidays. We have provided finishes to  other homes in the Chapel Creek subdivision located in Frisco, Texas.

This is one of over twenty-five products that offer. Authentic lime plaster, durable resin plaster, all contain the finest marble and highest quality of lime in Italy. The  Italian chemists who create these formulas replicate the beauty of Venice and other Italian Art cities.

finish plaster Elegant Venetian Plaster Frisco Texas

Why do we continue to use the same Venetian Plaster?
  • Water resistant without using waxes
  • Confidence and experience for seven years using the product
  • This resin plaster is the most sustainable on the market
  • Will not fade using the specified pigments
  • Easier to touch up – no wax, recorded formulas
  • Non- Toxic, breathable, and mold resistant
Plasters of Italy is located in Mckinney Texas
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Mckinney Interior Painting


Interior Painting McKinney, TX

Plasters of Italy owner Vallie Duncan launched his painting company in 1999. Specializing in occupied homes focusing on preparation and color design. As a full service painting company Vallie provides all types of interior painting including wall repairs, sheetrock repairs, textures, and wallpaper removal. Wether you have one room to be painted or an entire home Plasters of Italy offers the best options and quality. As an Independent decorative painting company you will get the best results hiring car local craftsman with over 30 years of experience.


Contact: Vallie Duncan


Other cities include Frisco, Allen, Plano, Prosper, Melissa and the Dallas area.

Plasters of Italy

Mckinney Texas 75070

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Plano Kitchen Remodel

Home Remodel In Plano – Creating the ultimate look with Venetian Plaster

GBkitchen5 300x225 Plano Kitchen Remodel

This Plano, Texas remodeling project was a complete gut-out and demo. The final room in the house of a complete home remodel. We were there through the duration of the project. After giving the client a break for a few months, she was ready to update the kitchen.
Kitchen remodeling is the most popular in terms of investment for resale. Most of the budget went towards the appliances and granite, we were able to offer our Venetian plaster at a very reasonable cost. The alternative option would have been considerable masking. wall preparation, texture, primer, and two coats of paint.
We apply Venetian plaster by hand, inch by inch, using the same techniques that we have developed over the last seven years.
It’s not about alternative products or using inferior brands, its not about cutting corners to rush the process. We have remained consistent throughout the years providing the highest quality of craftsmanship.
The plaster transitions to the cabinets and granite refined the edges creating a seamless look. Our plaster does not require a wax, it is water resistant and mold resistant. The stone Vent-A-Hood is an Italian Plaster, slightly modeled and custom tinted.
planokitchenwindow 1 Plano Kitchen Remodel
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Mckinney Texas Painting

batchnichegold 300x225 Mckinney Texas Painting

Interior Painting Mckinney:  Here is another project I dug up from my archives from a couple of years ago. Interior Painting in Mckinney, and Venetian plaster.The project expanded into the living room, kitchen and foyer. We collaborate with our client through the entire process with special attention to details. Located in Stonebridge Ranch, Mckinney, Texas. The Paint color for the walls were matched to the existing colors through our color matching system.

P1010051 Mckinney Texas PaintingPC060040 Mckinney Texas Painting

Fireplace Mantel: Our Clients liked the idea of remodeling the mantel. Venetian Plaster and gold accented detail gave the mantel a personal touch. We noticed that the art was squeezed between the columns. Obviously, the framing needed to be removed to free up space between the columns. The top was also removed to accentuate the design. We applied a Black Venetian plaster highlighted with gold.

Another example of making the most of a project, giving our clients extra benefits and quality. We have completed many paint projects in Stonebridge Ranch dating back to 1999, we began offering our Venetian Plaster as upgrades for many of our customers in Mckinney. Plasters of Italy is a full service painting and Venetian plaster company. We offer many incentives and discounts for our painting services.

batchnicheprep1 225x300 Mckinney Texas Painting

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